Our selection of premium color stained plywood features all-natural birch stained in vibrant colors, available in 1/8" thickness and perfect for laser cutting and engraving.

This three-ply material is idea for interior signage, cake toppers, ornaments and pretty much anything you can dream up! Available in 19 unique colors, these rich hues provide a contemporary yet vintage look to any project.



Walnut Plywood is an ideal choice for kitchen accessories, desktop showpieces, or game pieces. It looks particularly smashing when contrasted with leathers or other woods. The micro-thin walnut layer is a rich, chocolate brown with hints of purple.


Cherry Plywood is a vibrant, reddish colored hardwood with a brilliant golden luster. Add color variety to your wood projects like bottle caddies, decorative tables, or photo frames. The micro-thin cherry layer starts out with tones of gold and pink and, like a fine wine, ages to a rich, dark, earthy red with sun and time.

Maple Plywood is an ideal choice for scale model designs, wall hangings, and desktop accessories. It can be engraved with a light caramel glaze or with a deep brown contrast for a variety of eye-catching results. The micro-thin maple layer is sourced from hard rock maple trees in the Great Lakes region, known for their strength and consistent, creamy golden color.

Basswood Plywood is so clean, light, and soft, you can engrave wonderfully stark details on its surface. It’s favored for picture frames, woodenware, and novelty items, but can be used anywhere you’re searching for a pop of brightness. The micro-thin basswood layer is creamy white in color, making it a perfect choice for a high-contrast inlay with darker woods like Walnut.



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