Our selection of premium natural hardwood stock, all 1/8" thick and perfect for Laser Cutting and Engraving.


Walnut Hardwood is rich, chocolate brown with subtle hints of purple, which makes it a striking choice for desktop accessories, gifts, or as a highlight when combined with a lighter wood. Walnut compliments lighter hardwoods like Maple, and looks stunning when paired with leather.


Cherry Hardwood will add a gorgeous pop of natural color against other woods or neutrals, making it ideal for making eye-catching design elements like bookends, decorative shelving, or serving trays. Boards start out with tones of gold and pink and, like a fine wine, age to a rich dark earthy red with sun and time.


Red Oak Hardwood is a simple choice for classical furniture, architectural, and structural designs. Its prominent cathedral-like grain pattern and warm, glowing appearance exude grandeur. The stunning texture and color of red oak lends itself to high-design interior decor like lamps, side tables, or magazine racks.


Maple Hardwood is an ideal choice for classic, easy to match jewelry, storage boxes, and desktop accessories. Maple is sourced from hard rock maple trees in the Great Lakes region, known for their strength and consistent, creamy color. Maple is one of the lightest colored woods but engraves with a caramel brown color that highlights the grain pattern and pops visually.


Basswood Hardwood has a clean, light surface that’ll make your most intricate engraves look incredible. It’s also extremely lightweight, making it a good choice for model aircraft, toys, name tags, and other products that need a little more mobility. Worldwide, basswood is a popular choice among carvers.


Poplar Hardwood is a perfect fit for projects like personalized puzzles, signs, or scale models. It offers a wide variety of coloring from board to board, with shades of creamy whites to subtle yellow-grays to nearly green.




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